Contemplating Abraham

In my bible study this morning, I'm reading Genesis 20, 21. Learning about Abraham and Sarah and their journey into parenthood at 90 and 110! Whew! And I thought parenting at 30 was tough!

It amazes me that Abraham, the first major patriarch of the Bible, would sin AGAIN by telling everyone that Sarah was his sister instead of his wife AGAIN. Didn't he just do this in Chapter 12 when they went to Egypt. The most concerning part of this is that G-d had just recently (within a year) visited Abraham in person and told him that Sarah would conceive his son within the year. So, why would he put himself in a situation where she would conceive a child with someone else?? Crazy.

At least it gives us sinners some hope. Even those "perfect" bible figures are not so perfect. It is not what we do or don't do that earns our salvation. It's our belief in the G-d of all creation, and our faith that we are saved through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross that saves us.

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